Touchstone Digital Forensics was honoured to have been asked to speak at the CIFI Security Summit in Toronto. The Annual Summit takes place all over the world, Asia, Europe, Australia & North America. These summits are essential 2 day conferences and exhibitions bringing together leading security experts from around the globe to discuss Cyber Intelligence, Digital forensics, Cyber Security and Cyber Investigations. This is the only event of its kind that will run 4 simultaneous streams over 2 days in addition to case studies, demonstrations from global business leaders and a 30+ Exhibitions.

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Pleased to welcome Ted Cowan to our team as our new Senior Account Executive. Ted spent many years as an account executive with the Toronto Star and his experience will be a great asset to Touchstone Digital Forensics.


When litigation looms, calling the IT department could cost millions

When a crisis happens within a company involving corporate espionage, inappropriate emails or other allegations, executives tend to turn to their information technology (IT) people for help in tracking down the data, but it’s really a digital forensics specialist that’s needed to ensure a proper analysis, says Rich Patterson, CEO of Touchstone Digital Forensics.

“While well intentioned, the moment your IT person begins rooting around in the system, they are actually altering and possibly deleting evidence,” he tells “It’s important to hire a digital forensic analyst who is trained to search and collect evidence; they hold the proper credentials to go into court as an expert witness to explain the process behind gathering the more…

The Internet of Things: the new frontier for evidence

With a growing number of electronic devices that collect mass amounts of information about individuals’ daily lives — from Fitbits to refrigerators with cameras — there is a growing “Internet of Things” that could produce evidence that many people simply aren’t aware of, says Rich Patterson, CEO of Touchstone Digital Forensics. Read more…


Touchstone Digital Forensics provides in-depth analysis

Touchstone Digital Forensics provides in-depth analysis of computers and hand-held devices for lawyers, financial institutions, law enforcement and others for a wide range of matters across Canada, says the company’s CEO Rich Patterson. Read more…

September 2016

Touchstone’s CEO is interviewed by prominent eDiscovery lawyer Kelly Friedman for the website The full interview can be read here:


August 2016

Jeremy Dupuis was in Las Vegas this week at the High Technology Crime Investigation Association conference providing a lecture on how fake text messages can be created and how to determine their validity. Investigators should be aware that this can be done to create false evidence and consider a forensic examination if they note text message inconsistencies during their investigations.











Touchstone is again called upon to share its expertise globally. Our own Jeremy Dupuis travelled to Switzerland to teach a week long class in Mobile Forensics. The students, which were made up from assorted Law Enforcement Agencies, were taught advanced mobile forensic techniques. Touchstone’s continued commitment to the education segment of our industry keeps our Company on the leading edge of Digital Forensics.

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May 2016

Jeremy Dupuis of Touchstone Digital Forensics will be in Los Angeles on May 3rd to provide “Chip off Forensics” training to Law Enforcement. The training will provide an understanding of device structure, and best practices for chip removal and cleaning. With a focus on proper procedures, the training provides the fundamental and necessary skills in removing chips from boards with the least opportunity for damage. Participants learn how to use the tools and techniques at their disposal to remove chips in the safest fashion, using proper heat techniques, rework tools and Infrared wave ovens. The training will include breaking down and reading a chip from a password-protected, and in some cases encrypted BlackBerry devices loaded with data. Instruction will include how to best apply today’s tools and other techniques to decode the raw data.


Touchstone is now Hexigent!Meet the team.
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