The training and background of our team makes executing your Anton Piller order seamless. We can assist from the planning stages through execution and then review and manage the acquired data. We are experienced in dealing with sensitive and privileged data so we can assist with any judicial review.

Our services include:

Case consultation

Whether producing or seeking Electronically Stored Information (ESI), we will assist with cost effective and efficient solutions. Our team of experts will ensure that preservation and collection of data falls within the scope of the judicial authorization.  Our team has extensive background in the drafting of search warrant and Privacy Act affidavits, we can assist with applications to obtain such authorizations; by setting out clear and specific descriptions of our processes, the nature of the data that is sought and the manner in which it will be distilled to reports.

ESI collection planning

Our team has four decades of combined experience in the collection of computer data, including some of the most serious criminal cases occurring in Canada. This level of experience ensures that all data will be collected in a verifiable manner, files and metadata will remain unmodified and recoverable data will not be overwritten. Our methods are court proven, defensible and transparent.

ESI identification  

Measures will be taken to ensure that only the most forensically sound procedures are followed in the identification and collection of the data sought.  We carefully consult with our clients to ensure we understand the intricacies of your case.  Given their exceptional powers, utmost attention will be paid to ensure that the parameters of Anton Piller Orders are respected.

Expert affidavits

With a wealth of forensic and criminal investigative knowledge, as well as actual significant time testifying, members of Touchstone have the Knowledge, Skills and Ability to be your expert witnesses on the stand.  Each member has been qualified at both levels of court numerous times and can deliver the information accurately and informatively every time.

Judicially ordered collections

Our member’s history of involvement and testimony in high profile and sensitive cases, places us in a favorable position; to assist with matters requiring independent third party review of data. Solicitor Client Privileged data review being one example where we can assist.

Forensic imaging

Our team can create forensically sound copies of data, whether locally stored, on a network or cloud resource based.  Our team has expertise with Smartphones and Tablet Forensics, as well as embedded device forensics.

Data Warehousing and secure storage

Your data is secure for as long as you need us to hold on to it. Through the original acquisition, processing and up to the deliverables, your data is always encrypted and secure with 24-hour security and backed up in 2 separate locations.

Data Conversion

Case consultation includes a discussion regarding delivery of review ready data, in a format that is best suited to your tools. Once collected and processed, the data can be provided with load files in their native format, Adobe PDF, TIFF or a combination that best suits your needs.

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